About Us

The mission of the Police Athletic League (PAL) of Southern Nevada is to provide area youth with positive alternatives through athletics, education and community service.

The original PAL was started by Captain John Sweeney of the New York Police Department in 1910. His desire was to offer inner city youth positive experiences involving law enforcement. Police began supervising and becoming involved in places of play – ball fields, classrooms and playgrounds. Through the endeavors of the PAL, children were able to view officers as friends and mentors, thus preventing many crimes and helping to nurture law abiding citizens. Currently there are more than 300 PAL chapters in more than 700 cities and 1,700 facilities nationwide.

PAL of Southern Nevada was formally established in October of 1996, as a 501C3 nonprofit organization. Since its formal establishment in Southern Nevada, PAL has been and is a cooperative effort between the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department, volunteers, business people and citizens. PAL of Southern Nevada is funded through donations and contributions from local businesses, volunteers and citizens who have an interest in the youth of our community. Through these various means, PAL of Southern Nevada provides positive role models in a safe, drug free atmosphere where youth can play and learn.

More Than Athletics
In addition to the many athletic programs available to youth, PAL also offers educational and community service activities to foster well-rounded, community minded individuals. Programs are continually added to meet the changing needs of PAL youth and to better serve the community.

Homework Assistance/Tutoring
PAL offers homework assistance and tutoring several days a week in order to assist youth with assignments, projects or subjects in which they may be failing. Tutoring assistance is provided by full time UNLV students at are various PAL sites.

Community Service Projects
Community service projects promote and provide structured opportunities for PAL participants and volunteers to engage in public service while fostering collaborative relationships that address problems and build upon assets of local and global communities. As a requirement of the Police Athletic League, youth participate in regularly scheduled community service projects such as; graffiti cleanup, neighborhood beautification and donating clothes and toys to women’s/ children’s shelters.